Athens has become a capital in which downgraded areas are increasing rapidly. If, in this often intolerable chaos, we had to point out the most downgraded area of all, then Vathi square would definitely stand out. Situated in the historic city centre, its residents definitely feel insecure, since six out of ten say they are absolutely disappointed while 45% are afraid of possible assaults while walking on the streets. In other words, everybody wants to abandon Vathi Square.

However, there is another category of people: those who visit the area, the ‘hidden’ people of Athens. Those who seek and discover their own ‘world’ in the sex cinema of the square: lust and peeping, homosexuality, fetishism and group sex. Everything that is socially forbidden outside the cinema, every sexual fantasy and guilt becomes ‘legal’ inside it. The cinema rooms, the cabins and dark spots, host a sexual identity not to be found anywhere else in the country.