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Photography for me is to oppose to the Infinite  Other ,without any

Prerequisites, without any in advance acceptance,beyond classified

Stereotypes. Stereotypes that played their role in my own life and 

became the path which led me to these people.Among the ‘’roma’’

of Agia Anna,the dominant jimmy,the leader,hesitant at the beginning

showed me to the lives of these people.’’Roma’’ or ‘’gipsies’’,they

narrate themselves in a place and time which is set OUTSIDE.

I, as a stranger at the beginning and them as a ‘’balamo’’,I shared 

with them their table ,their music and,finally,their joys.Outside the

society,marginalized,they draw life from the rubbish of the city 

and the make their own stories.They fall in love,they laugh,they 

strive,they exist under the foot of an impeccable social discipline.

Suspicious with the strangers that only take without gring,they trusted

in me their greatest fear:a sound! The sound of the bulldozer that will

demolish their lives along with their huts…

for me, photography has the power to lead me where I would never

find my self,to push me closer to me and, eventually, the moment functions

as a passage to immortality.

Sunday, 04 September 2016
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